About Us
 Motto & Vision
We, TsAct Co. Ltd, were established in 2004 as one of the prospective companies in South Korea that develop, manufacture & supply professional, various kinds of CCTV cameras, DVRs & personal digital devices.
Our technologies are focused on video & audio security system, home networking and personal digital devices as well.
Based on these existing technologies, we are making the best endeavor to connect our products with new high-technologies, for example internet home networking system, biometric and so on.
We are going to supply customers with new products continuously, which customers want and try to offer them best products. Currently, we are also making our best effort to develop competitive products, which can meet and satisfy the diverse customers' needs just on time and we are focusing on overseas market with the best-qualified products, customer service, and support.
We became to produce our products with very competitive price and with very good quality using Korean technologies & design.
Now, on behalf of your warmth and respect, we are trying to become a leading company in the security industry and we'd appreciate your interest.
Glad that you visit to our website and really encourage you to send us your comment anytime. Thanks.

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